SUTIL Lubricant Review

SUTIL Lubricant

Good lubricants make me happy. They make me confident, acknowledged as a woman, celebrated as a human being who deserves pleasure. They make me feel taken care of. Quality lubes make my sex life happier, and they definitely make my vagina happier after long love-making/fucking sessions. Whether I just cherish my own body, or I dive into partnered sex, I often end up chafing and suffer from a lot of friction burn. The result: the skin of my vaginal walls feels dry and bruised, and it’s very uncomfortable. I bet that’s not what you want your mornings-after to feel like. But the truth is that sex equals friction, and using sex toys equals even more friction, sooo… So nothing! You shouldn’t just take one for the team. That’s not how it should feel. Because it can feel so much better. It’s as simple as adding some high-quality long lasting lube. Often that’s all it takes to get from sad to happy.

What is Sutil to me? It’s the Tesla S of lubricants. It’s Eco-friendly, made with care and sustainability in mind, it’s new-age, alternative, revolutionary, looks like and performs like something that came from the future.

Who’s behind Sutil?

Sutil is a sister-brand of Hathor Aphrodisia. Hathor is a Canada-based, women-owned small business that didn’t just go green. It was conceived green in 1989. Their ingredients are Eco-certified and come from organic farms. It all started with spa products, aphrodisiac oils and lotions. Paraben free, glycerin free and free of harsh chemicals is not just a trend for Hathor. It’s their mission, and their philosophy.

It’s no wonder that Sutil comes in a biodegradable tube, with no useless outer packaging, and no paper waste. The tube looks like a high-end body lotion or hand cream. It only says “luxe body glide” in English and French. Their logo represents a beautiful blossoming lotus flower. It’s the perfect metaphor for female sexuality and female anatomy alike.

What’s inside Sutil?

The list of their ingredients is a who’s who in botanical, natural goodness: Aqua, Propanediol* (Zamea, botanical source), Hyaluronic Acid (Botanical source), Nelumbo Nucifera Root Extract* (Lotus Root), Oat Beta Glucan*, Gluconolactone*, Sodium Benzoate*,Citric Acid. *Eco-Certified Ingredients. What does that actually mean? Eco-Cert: “ingredients derived from renewable resources, manufactured by environmentally friendly processes”.

How is this good for you?

Lotus root: helps skin regeneration, faster healing of wounds, it’s a rich source of minerals,  vitamins A and C, and helps with inflammation processes. It’s an antioxidant, and helps collagen synthesis in your body.

Plant sourced Hyaluronic Acid: it’s found naturally in our bodies. It’s extremely hydrating and boosts skin elasticity. It also promotes cell growth.

Oat Beta Glucan: helps wound healing and collagen synthesis as well, it’s deeply soothing and moisturizing to the skin.

How does Sutil feel?

dscn1052You know I’ve tried and review a number of lubricants. I’ve used a fair number of the whole Sliquid range (including Organics Gel and Sassy), all of Good Clean Love products, the Organics lube by Wet, Aloe Cadabra, and Coconu. The fact is that Sutil is the longest lasting water-based lube I’ve tried. If I have to be honest it’s a close call with the new CBD CaraGold from Good Clean Love. It’s possible that they tie for first place. And yes, Sutil does feel much more like a silicone-based lubricant, without any silicone ingredients in it. It behaves better even than hybrid lubricants (water and silicone blend). It’s a lubricant that’s a little on the runny and liquidy side, so it might not be a perfect match if you’re looking for something super thick.

It blends really well with my own lubrication and creates a feeling of long-lasting hydration. The moisturizing properties of this lube last the day after and make my bangover (what you’re experiencing the morning after a lot of sex) recovery much faster. Actually, besides sore muscles and other completely unrelated “pains” from the heated night, there isn’t much to recover from. Because with Sutil I don’t get sore to begin with.

Is there any residue? Not in the common meaning of lube residue. It’s not sticky, it doesn’t turn into a yucky mess, but when I try it on my skin anywhere on my body and smear it, after a very long period of rubbing it and waiting for it to dry out, when it eventually does, it doesn’t just feel dry and evaporated. The spot that had the lube feels as if I put cream or lotion on it. It’s very nourished and moisturized. It washes off really quickly and there’s no post coital mess.

Who is Sutil for?

  • It’s a wonderful lube for anal play and fierce fingering. Provides a really comfortable “cushioning” and glide.
  • It’s great for long-lasting vaginal sex or if you need a lot of extra lubrication.
  • The ingredients make it perfect for postpartum bodies and after-baby sex.
  • If you are like me and tend to get sore from toys or intercourse.
  • If you’re simply looking for a really long lasting water-based lube.
  • All fans of silicone-based lube, that are searching for an organic, botanical, water-based option.
  • Delicious hand-jobs without any penis chafing.
  • Users of sex toys (as silicone-based toys are often incompatible with silicone lube).
  • Anyone who wants a lube with extra health benefits.
  • Anyone who’s in a long distance relationship or who experiences a pattern of not having sex altogether for a long period of time and then having a lot of it over a very short period of time. I was in a cross-continent relationship not so long ago and I definitely could use some Sutil to help with the fierce love-making!

Who is Sutil not for?

When it comes to lube, no two people are alike. Clearly this lube can’t fit all needs, and:

  • If you don’t like it too wet and slippery, maybe that’s not the best choice for you.
  • It also has a little bit of a bitter taste, and if you are mixing and matching activities, that might be a little off-putting for some people during oral sex.
  • It’s not a cheap lube, so if you’re financially strained and looking for a budget option, it might not be a good fit for you either.
  • If you are looking for a very thick and richer lube, the current version of Sutil might not be for you.

Luckily, the brand is working on a thicker formula and hopefully the new version of the lube will hit the market soon.

Should you get one?

I think it’s worth every dime given how long-lasting it is and the overall quality of the product. You can get yours directly from their website. You get to choose from a few options: 2 oz travel-size bottle for $15 USD, 4 oz for $24, and 8 oz for $37. I love their value pack! That one is going to last you a year! You can get their 10 ml samples (which are simply adorable) and always carry them in your purse or your pocket. I think this is the lube of the future and I wish I could magically deliver it to every woman and every couple who needs it. Don’t believe me it’s that good? Watch this video by Self Serve Toys.

You can also find them at my favorite sex stores Shevibe and Good Vibrations, or at Come As You Are if you live in Canada.

Disclaimer: Sutil was generously provided to me by the company in exchange for my honest review. But my opinions and thoughts in this post reflect my experience with the product and are not altered in any way.

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